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In order to have a standardized and transparent examination process HTB follows the examination rules of ISTQB (ISTQB Examination Guideline).
HTB is fully and exclusively responsible for managing, organizing and controlling examination process.
HTB is NOT authorized and allowed to conduct examination preparation training courses which guarantees objective examinations.

ISTQB has following exam portfolio:

Image:ISTQB Certification.png

HTB organizes

  • Foundation (FL),
  • Foundation Extension (Agile, Model-based),
  • Advanced Level (Test Manager, Test Analyst and Technical Test Analyst),
  • Advanced Specialist (Security Tester, Test Automation Engineer) and
  • Expert Level (Test Management, Improving The Test Process)


Certification means that, based on a successful exam, a dedicated person within HTB takes the decision that a certificate can be issued.
By signing the certificate, the decision making person guarantees that the candidate has successfully fulfilled the exam conditions HTB informs the applicants about the exam result via email in 2 weeks.
In case of successful exam HTB’s certification board sends certificates within 6 weeks via normal post.