Quality System


The Hungarian Testing Board has introduced and ISO 9001:2015 standard - based internal Quality Management System for the area of ISTQB exam organisation, examination and certification. The Quality Management System was certified by CertUnion Hungary Tanúsító Kft.
The Certification Registration Number is: HU-2022/03456-02161. Expiry Date: 12.02.2026.

The certificate can be downloaded here.


The Hungarian Software Testing Association follows the following highest level principles in its processes and decisions regarding personal identification:

The identity of the Association is carried out according to the regulations of the ISTQB. Certification is based on objective evidence obtained through impartial, fair, legal and reliable assessment to ensure confidence in your certification activities and assessment results, including confidentiality of information.

We consider it extremely important that our staff involved in the certification process and all our cooperating partners get to know and accept our principles as binding on them, which are as follows:


In all cases, the Association acts impartially in relation to applicants, candidates and certified persons.

The senior management of the Association ensures that the certification of persons is not limited by unjustified financial, personal or other resource-related restrictive conditions or intimidation.

Equality of opportunity

The most important principles of equal opportunities are: non-discrimination, equal treatment and respect for human dignity. 

The Association maintains the requirement of equal treatment in all its legal relationships, procedures and measures. 

The senior management of the Association ensures that the policies and procedures related to the certification of persons are fair for all applicants, candidates and examinees.


To ensure the most important principles of objectivity, i.e. fairness, validity and reliability, the Association:

  • works with impartial, professionally highly qualified examiners with practical experience;
  • organizes exams at modern locations with infrastructure that meets today's technical requirements;
  • works with exam tasks and assessment guides that fully comply with the standards of the international organization (ISTQB) and are objectively suitable for measuring professional knowledge and competences;
  • provides a comparison of exam tasks. 

In order to operate in accordance with the requirements of the identification, we fully comply with and comply with all the requirements set out in our policies, regulations, procedures and applicable legislation during the exam organization activity. 


During the entire certification process, the Association's senior management ensures the safe storage and confidentiality of information obtained by its staff and authorized persons, maintaining security during the examination process and preventing unfair, fraudulent examination methods.

The management, staff and cooperation partners of the Association understand the importance of impartiality and the confidentiality of information during the implementation of its certification activities, can manage conflicts of interest, its duties related to equal opportunities, and ensure the objectivity of certification activities. As a basis for the planning and continuous monitoring and development of all of this, the MSZ introduced and applies the quality management system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which also meets the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17024:2013 standard.


The actual Policy has been released on 19.11.2022. by Tibor Csöndes.